Specialty Grocery Store & Bakery in Salt Lake City, UT

Specialty Food Store in Salt Lake City, Utah

Arbat introduces not only authentic cuisine but also foods and beverages from across the globe.  Most selections are so unique to the Salt Lake area, you won’t find them anywhere else.

Founded in 1998 by a family with a vision, Arbat remains a specialty grocery store serving the greater Salt Lake area.

deli meats and cheeses

Deli Meats and Cheeses

Popular European deli meats and cheeses are available that you will not find in the ordinary grocery store. The assortment of meats and cheeses is too large to list! Please visit us for free samples!

arbat fish assortment

Fish Assortment

Cold hearing fillets, smoked salmon, calamari, dried squid, and many other seafood choices are available.

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Arbat offers only the freshest produce available in the marketplace with the lowest prices.

hot tea and sweets

Hot Tea and Sweets

A wide selection of world’s best teas, chocolates, cookies and other unique sweets to accommodate any tea or coffee party.

unique beverages

Unique Beverages

Soft drinks and juices that are popular in Russia, Armenia, as well as Europe are available at Arbat.

European Glass and Dinnerwear

European Glass and Dinnerwear

Authentic China sold at Arbat can be used for tea or coffee parties and will surely decorate your personal dinner event and impress your guests.